$100 Cash Back

Get $100 off your next invoice!

Introducing our "Bring a Friend" incentive.

As a way to help you with increasing costs we are introducing our "Bring a Friend" incentive.

It's quite simple – if you refer a friend, relative or neighbour to us and they take on a 12 month wheelie bin or dumpster service, you get $100 off your next invoice. All they need to do is tell us that you were the one who recommended us and you get the credit.

Note: Effective for new Country Cart customers from 1 October 2016 only. By accepting the $100 credit you give us permission to use your first name(s) and region in a Facebook communication. If the new customer does not stay with Country Cart for a full 12-month period, we reserve the right to claim the $100 back on your account. The $100 credit will only come into effect when the new (referred) customer has paid their first recurring invoice.